1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


claiming that it will put the spirits to work for you, but whether they or ourselves, are in bondage, is something for each man to decide according to occasion and the needs thereo( Enriched coconut milk, see be– low, I cup or so Cognac, 3 jiggers Maraschino, 2 ponies Angostura, 2 or 3 dashes Very finely cracked or shaved ice Put in shaker with lots of very finely cracked ice, shake hard and turn ice and all-a la Daiquiri-into small, chilled goblets. . . . An– other variation, and a much better flavoured one we find, is found by using only two jiggers cognac, and one jigger old Haitian-or other medium dark-rum. Enriched coconut milk: Get a ripe coconut anywhere. Bore two holes in eyes and drain out water into saucepan-being careful to strain out fibres or bits of shell. . . . Crack open nut, peel off brown outer skin from kernel, and either grate, grind, or cut up fine and add to water.... Fetch to a simmer for five minutes. Put through a fine cloth, squeezing out the final rich cream by hand. Ripe fresh coconuts can be had in most good grocery stores these days. . . . Those pos– sessing The Mixer will save an increaible amount of time by cutting up kernel, with brown part unremoved, into the top container of The Mixer; turn in the coconut juice. Reduce to a pulp at high speed for r minute, then rub through a very fine sieve, or strain through several thicknesses of cloth. AN EVEN ONE DOZEN TEMPERANCE DELIGHTS, which after ALL ls nearly Two WEEKS' SUPPLY NoT ALL intelligent folk approve or militantly disapprove of spiritu– ous beverage. There simply happen to be quite a few rational souls who don't care for ::tnything containing alcohol. Being half of Quaker stock we have noted such phenomena right in our own family. Also there are beverages for the extremely young. This being the case, and refreshments are indicated, what t~ 1 serve besides tea, coffee, milk or water? To our own rough and unpre- • 1 39 .

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