1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


dictable mind there is nothing under heaven more discouraging than weak lemonade, once past the age of ro--except pink, and at circuses. How often in our own history have we seen guests gaze skyward and pray for a sign so that dear old Aunt Trilby Fittich wouldn't serve them cookies and lemonade! Therefore, sharply aware of this prob– lem from our own case, we have gone to considerable effort in snup– ping these selected Temperance Delights. We now feel that we can face a P.T.A. meeting unafraid, look a strawberry social in the teeth without bowing our head in abject and citric shame. Beside our own palm-shrouded cornerstone there is nothing under heaven's sweet canopy so baffling as suddenly being confronted with test of producing some non-alcoholic beverage claiming credit for anything but the usual bellywash of lemon, orange, sugar and ice. This is no laugrung matter, either. This sort of zero hour may pop up to haunt us at any unexpected moment; and usually when brains are bled white, scraping an all-time low, and showing all the origi– nality of stuffing for a kapok windowseat pad. Yes, it may easily be a neighbouring daughter's 6th birthday, or Aunt Deleria Fittich de– scending from Clebbett City in the worst hot spell since '83. And to our way of thinking there still never has been an excusable lemonade except pink, and at circuses! These mild-mannered coolers come from here and there around the world, and the bare fact of presenting them in a drinking volume of our own conception makes us feel very fine, and remote and pure and Worth while, for a change. THE ANGOSTURA FIZZ, sometimes CALLED the TRINIDAD Fizz, BEING a RECEIPT GLEANED from ONE of OuR FRIENDS PILOTING the BIG BRAZILIAN CLIPPER from HERE to TRINIDAD & Rrn & on SOUTH to "B. A." This mild fizz is again like initial olive sampling; either it suits or it doesn't, and subsequent trials often show sudden shift to appreciation. It is a well-known stomachic along the humid shores of Trinidad, in British Guiana; wherever the climate is hot and the humidity high,

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