1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


and stomachs stage sit-down strikes and view all thought of food– present or future-with entire lack of enthusiasm. Further than this, the cinchona bark elixir in the Angostura, the other herbs and valuable simples, are a definite first line defense against malaria and other amoebic fevers-especially in warding off their after effect in later months when all actual peril is past. Take 1 pony of Angostura bitters, add r tsp of sugar or grenadine, the juice of Yi lemon or I lime, the white of I egg and I tbsp of thick cream-or slightly less. Shake with cracked ice like a cocktail, turn into a goblet and fill to suit individual taste with club soda, seltzer, vichy, or whatever lures the mind. Vary the sweet also, to suit taste. It is a very original, cooling drink as well as a valuable tonic to those dwelling in hot countries. Garnish with sticks of ripe fresh pineapple, always. CASSIS & SODA, the OLD CLASSIC from anyWHERE in FRANCE This is well known to all traveling Americans nowadays but is important enough to list for those who are merely contemplating a trip abroad. As we have already explained, cassis is the syrup and juice made from black French cur~nts .... Take from I to 2 jiggers of cassis, chill as above, turn into a tumbler or goblet with ice and fill to taste with soda; or merely mix like an ordinary highball, directly in the glass without shaking first. Angostura is optional. It is very refreshing in hot weather, also. THE PANAMA "MOCK DAISY" CRUSTA, from CRISTOBAL at the ATLANTIC END of the PANAMA CANAL ZoNE, which ODDLY ENOUGH Is AcTUALLY WEST of the PACIFIC END at BALBOA Take the juice of 2 limes and put into a tumbler or goblet with fine ice, the crystal having been rubbed first with the lime shells and the lip dipped in powdered sugar, allowing all possible to cling for about Yi" down the side. Now add r pony of raspberry syrup, fill glass with enough club soda to s~it taste, and float on Yi to I tsp of grenadine. Garnish with stick of ripe pineapple, 2 or 3 ripe raspberries frbzen in ice cubes; a 'sprig of green mint.

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