1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


MANDARIN PUNCH, a RECEIPT GARNERED away BACK in 1931, from LADY BREDON, for a WHOLE GENERATION SocIAL DICTATOR of PEKING'S LEGATION QUARTER SET There are rare occasions when a Peking host or hostess has to pro– duce a temperance punch, and this species makes a welcome relief for the usual. Actually this punch is more or less of an essence with fruit juices, and is usually served exactly like raspberry vinegar– poured to taste over cracked fine ice which almost fills the glass, with water added to suit final ideas of strength and flavour. Melt out 2 cups of sugar with 2 doz whole cloves, 2 sticks of cinna– mon bark, add Yi cup of water and cook for IO minutes; draw from the fire and let cool. At that point stir in 2 cups of orange juice, and about Yi cup of lemon or lime juice. Strain through cheesecloth, let stand for Yi hr and mix in the following: 3 drops of spearmint oil, buyable at any pharmacy, l tbsp finely chopped candied ginger root, r bunch of green mint tips snipped fine with scissors. Mix to taste with cracked ice in tumblers or goblets; stirring with each spoonful so as not to miss the solids in this syrup. Fill up with plain water or soda. A DELICIOUS & PRETTY BEVERAGE MADE from FREsH GRENADINES, or PoMEGRANATES, which WILL BE GooD NEws to DWELLERS in all SUBTROPICAL or T~oPICAL CLIMATES; ONE from CITY of JAIPUR, in INDIA The lovely roseate tint of pomegranate juice is what makes grena– dine syrup so attractive in mixed drinks, and here is a secret from Rajputana, and the city ruled by the Maharajah of Jaipur, mentioned elsewhere in this volume. For centuries the pomegranate's coral– coloured blossom and low-hanging, blushing fruit have been immor– talized by poet and tale teller throughout the fantastic courts of Persia, Arabia, Egypt, and fu ther East. Here from our window we can see some Yz doz bushes bending low under their burden of fruits-yet no one we have ever knowri in America-except ourself-ever does anything about them, even though they seem to grow in every oth r southern back yard! ... Simply break open the fruit, over a big bowl • 1 45 .

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