1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


as the ruby coloured, pulp-bound seeds tend to fly this way and that as the main rind breaks. Discard every bit of rind as it is bitter as gall, and turn seeds into a fruit press or a potato ricer. Press out the magenta tinted juice, and mix with gomme syrup in ratio of about 2 tbsp of the syrup to every cup of juice. Now pack glasses with fine ice, pour in enough of this luscious fresh juice to fill, stir in the juice of Yz a green lime. Garnish brightly with red cherries, sticks of fresh pineapple, and serve with brigµtly tinted cellophane straws. Again, sugar syrup as to taste; also the lime juice-depending upon size of the latter fruits. BLACK TEA PUNCH, from KANDY, in CEYLON, which REFRESHED Us after a MoTOR DRIVE up through the MouNTAINs from CoLoMBo, by WA y of the VASTL y lNry.ru;sTING TROPICAL GARDENS at PERADEYNIA, in the YEAR 1931 Sir Tommy Lipton's chief bailiwick was out there in the incredibly rich mountain soils of Ceylon, which many believe to have been the Garden of Eden-even to an imprint of Adam's foot in gigantic size on a table-topped mountain we have seen, winding up through the steep hills. It is only natural, then, that being both British and near some of the finest tea gardens in all the world, that this punch should have been served for benefit of those who did not believe in alcoholic liquids for inner decoration. Take 3 cups of quite strong, freshly brewed, black tea. Add l qt of strained orange juice, 1 cup of strained lime or lemon juice, 2 cups of raspberry syrup and 1 cup of crushed-fresh if possible-pineapple pounded to a pulp in a mortar, or better still, in The Mixer. Add sugar, now, to taste; pour over a single large lump of ice in a bowl, and add 2 qts of good sparkling water. RASPBERRY VINEGAR, MADE from the FRESH FRUIT ITSELF; from a VERY, VERY OLD ENGLISH RECEIPT WE FouND in ST. ALBANS, HERT– FORDSHIRE, in the SUMMER of 1932 One of our earliest and most delightful memories during summer

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