1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


vacations from school was our spring visits every other year to the home of our favourite Aunt Josephine Leaming, either in Philadel– phia, or at her country place out on the Main Line in Wayne, Penn– sylvania. Not only was she one of the most beautiful ladies ever born in America or Europe, but one of the most elegant, the most up-to-date even in her seventies; one of the most understanding of cryptic small– boy likes and dislikes; one of the most considerate of all those about her court-for that, actually, was what it really was.... And so amid a swarm of Learnings, and Heckschers, and Carsons and Storks, she would entertain in her lovely garden-and for the youngsters would be ginger beer, or more unusual still, great tumblers of thinnest crystal, filled to the brim with pale rose raspberry vinegar, with a bouquet of mint raising its fragrant emerald head in the center. . . . Raspberry vinegarl-How far we drifted apart during the hectic days of the Late Attempted Drouthl ... How we missed you. How glad we are now and then to go sensible once more, and sip one of you, in– stead of a Tom Collins, or similar grownuP- acceptances. . . . Of course good raspberry vinegar may be bought in any fine delicacy shop, but try making your own. It's lots more fun, and saves purse strain.

Raspberries, I lb (again) Raspberries, 1 lb (again) Sugar, just over I lb per pint of resultant juice

Raspberries, dead ripe, I lb White wine vinegar, I qt (Or failing this, diluted white vinegar)

Put the 1st lb of raspberries in a bowl, and bruise well. Pour white wine vinegar over them-wine vinegar has a much more delicate flavour than either cider or malt vinegars, and can be bought from Italian shops, or made by efRosing any good sweet domestic wine to the air by simply pulling the cork, adding 1 tbsp of vinegar, and let– ting it stand for a short time in that state. Next day strain liquor through a cloth onto another pound of well- 1 I crushed raspberries. Stand overnight, strain, and pour onto the third • 1 47 .

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