1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


with club soda. A sprig of fresh green mint adds zest, and bright straws also. As before, the amount of fruit syrups and juices, to ice and sparkling water, is to individual taste; there is no safe, set, formula for every race and climate!

THE NASSAU TEA SHAKE, from a TRIP to NASSAU RECENTLY, and SERVED to THOSE WHo PREFERRED NoT to GAZE upon the CUP when IT WAs red with WrNE This is an invigorating drink and we wonder why it has not been more generally known and appreciated in the States. Simply take Yi cup of strong black tea, sugar to taste, and a whole-very fresh-egg. Pop in a shaker with lots of fairly large cracked ice; shake, then strain into a sour glass, or small tumbler-with or without ice, and with or without a topping of chilled club soda. WEST INDIAN "TEMPERANCE" SHRUB, which MAY BE MADE from VARYING SPEcrns of FRESH FRmTs, BERRIEs, or what NoT -to SEASON & to TAsTE; NoTED during a

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