1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


ably more economical form of bitters with the same flavour, action and virtue. Cinchona bark, 8 drachms

Camomile Bowers, 2 drachms Bark cinnamon, Yz drachm Raisins, Y4 lb Best grain alcohol, 2 qts

Lemon peel, 2 drachms Orange peel, 2 drachms Cardamon seeds, shelled and crushed, Yz drachm

All ingredients must be ground or pounded fine except the raisins, and these are first chopped fine, then mixed thoroughly with every– thing else. Seal tightly in a 2 qt jar and pour in enough of the finest grain alcohol obtainable, to fill-which will be a scant 2 qts. Let stand at an even, fairly warm temperature for 6 weeks, stirring or shaking vigorously twice every day. Strain, then strain through a cloth; press– ing at the last to extract essentials from the sediment. Stir and strain once more, and bottle for use. Bon chance, Messieurs. NOW A FORMULA for the HoME COMPOSITION of ORANGE BIT– TERS by the AMATEUR Here's another relatively expensive item as now priced in small bottles for the American market; and easily made at home. In view of the incredible gallons of Dry Martini Cocktails consumed every hour throughout the world-each one requiring a dash or so of Orange Bitters-this thought appears to possess valence. Dried orange peel, Yz lb, chopped fine. Burnt sugar, about 4 tbsp. Good grain alcohol, 4 cups; cologne spirits is best if possible. Cardamon, caraway and coriander seeds, Yz drachm each. These last come from the corner drug store. First chop the orange peel very fine, add herb seeds and pour on alcohol, then stand in a sealed jar for 15 days, agitating every day. Pour off spirits through a cloth, and seal again. Take the seeds and peel, put them in a saucepan, crushing with a wooden muddler. Cover them with boiling water, simmer 5 minutes; put in covered jar for

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