1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book

THE GENTLEMAN'S COMPANION trimmed with Yz tsp creme de menthe, floated on at the last. Twist a curl of lemon peel for its oil. It is stirred in a bar glass and must be cold indeed. BERTITA'S SPECIAL COCKTAIL, con HABANERO, BEING an ExoTIC WE HAVE PERSONALLY FETCHED BACK from TAxco, which is BACK in the HrGH HILLS of MEx1co, where ARTISTS from AMERICA CONGREGATE for VARYING REASONS, & with VARYING SuccESs Bertita, diagonally across the southwest corner of the public square r from de la Borda's matchless cathedral is a dingy but mildly cele- brated place, noted twice in this volume. This is a potent drink poured with a heavy hand, as we found during a stay in Taxco in February 1937.... Habafiero incidentally, means any of the light Cuban rums properly distilled from sugar cane by-product, and aged in the wood. Properly they should be called rum brandies, we imagine. Bacardi is the best known, but down there in Mexico the citizens blot up an amazing count of Cubaiio rums we never even heard of, like El Caney in its slim Rhine wine style bottle.... To 4 jiggers of light Cuban rutn add the strained juice of 2 limes, the strained juice of I Yz average sized oranges, 2 tsp of grenadine, or sugar or gomme syrup. Shake vigorously with lots of ice, serve in big champagne glasses-for 2 people. As we recall it Bertita served it with cracked ice still in the drink. It would pan out well iµ The Mixer, incidentally. Personally we float on I tsp Jamaica, atop the finished drink. WORDS to the WISE No. IV, on the WISDOM of ADDING a VERY LITTLE JAMAICA RUM to ALL COCKTAILS REQUIR- ING FRUIT JUICES of any KIND , . This .is our invariable rule now, as 1 tsp of Jamaica adds a defimte someth~g to all fruit juice drinks; and especially to those .bas:d on Bacardi or ~ther light rums, which are so delicate that their virtues are cloaked 10 the more usual fruit juices themselves. JERUSALEM'S BETWEEN the SHEETS, from the BAR BooK of WEBER at the KING DAVID Like the American Side Car, ~nd other truly worthwhile cocktails

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