1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


edge since r832. Contrary to the U. S. A. country style, fermentation is started before adding any sugar. Blackberries, any amount Boiling water, enough to cover Granulated sugar, r lb for every gallon juice Brandy or gin (brandy preferred), Yi cup per gallon mash Blackberries should be fresh and "gathered on a fine dry day." There is no mention of washing, and we presume that the dust and various impedimenta of the region (as in the Spey-side Scotch whisky dis– tilleries) are left intact to aid in fermentation and to donate special flavour.... Cover with briskly boiling water and stand all night to draw out juices. Strain through sieve into crock or cask, and let fer– ment for fifteen days in a place not too warm, nor yet with any chill. Here you add your pound of sugar and pint of spirits to every gallon juice. This presumably halts all further thought of fermentation, and the potion is bottled for future uses. Or practically immediate use. ENGLISH BLACKBERRY WINE No. II, a RECEIPT from BicESTER, through which WE JoURNEYED on the WAY to BANBURY, to SEE an OLD LADY about a WHITE HoRsE, SuMMER of r932-and which is EXACTLY ror YEARS 0Ln: the RECEIPT, not the LADY-& to GET SOME BANBURY CAKES Gather fruit dead ripe on a dry day. Have a crock, or wood keg without head, and a tap or faucet a couple of inches above bottom. Mash berries well, pour on boiling water enough to cover. Let them stand with a cloth cover, for 3 or 4 days, where temperature is fairly steady and not too chill. Pulp will then rise to surface in a crust. Open tap and draw off wine into another container, and add one pound of sugar per gallon. Mix well and put into a scalded keg, let stand with bung out until it stops working. Have keg almost full. When wine stops working drive in the bung. Rack off in six months and bottle, or scald out keg again, return wine and let stand tightly bunged for another six months. The latter is much better, but virtually impossible to the average amateur, lacking patience.

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