1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


OLD ENGLISH DANDELIONWINE, BEING a FORMULA FETCHED across the ATLANTIC in the 17th CENTURY, by SAILING SHIP, and DATED from SAYBROOK, CoNNECTrcuT, CIRCA 1677 Water, 2 Yi gallons D andelion blooms, 6 qts (dry measure)

Oranges, 6, juice and grated peel, as above Yeast, ~ cake fresh; Yi cake compressed, or 1 tbsp brew– er's type Two and a half gallon keg, 1, scalded out

Ginger, 1 tbsp, ground Raisins, 3 cups, chopped Lemons, 6, juice and grated peel, yellow part only

We remember one of the high spots in our "Advanced" Biology V Course in college covered the enzymatic action of fruits and so on– and in case that word sounds puzzling it simply means what ferments such items usefully-and otherwise. . . . And at one point we were sent out to gather dandelions, which were fixed in a big glass labora– tory crock of glass, and bottled as wine, and tested as early as com– mencement. So much for the liberal arts courses. . . . This ancient receipt is much better and more elaborate, although every bit as easy to brew. Mix dandelions with water and boil for thirty minutes, timed after boiling starts. Strain, and mix in gillger, sugar, and grated peel of lemon and orange, simmering for another half hour. Pour into stone– ware crock, and then add lemon and orange juice. When lukewarm, spread yeast on toast and float on, or stir in compressed or brewer's yeast.... When fermentation has stopped, siphon and strain off into keg into which raisins have already been put. . . . Rack off after four months or so, and bottle. OLD ENGLISH ~DERBERRY WINE, also an OLD ENGLISH SPECIFICATION We lived that summer of 1932 in Hayward House, Box Lane, Box– moor, Herts.,-all of that, and in cruising the hedgerows in ome of those animated chafing dishes with right handed drives that true • 16x .

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