1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


after clearing with white and shell of an egg, strain well, heat up to boil again and pour over petals. Stand in tightly covered crock or enamel kettle around 70 degrees Fahrenheit for twenty-four hours. Stir, and cover once more, and repeat for three days. Strain, put in wood keg; add grated rind of three oranges and another pound of sugar. Add a yeast cake and cover bung with cloth and when fer– mentation stops add a pint of brandy, stir in half an ounce of dis– solved isinglass, or other clearing agent, and bung tightly. After four months rack off carefully into bottles; cork tightly. Ready for use in six months. ORGEAT or ALMOND SYRUP, from a RECEIPT DATING back to 1817 This syrup is used in flavouring certain delicate and oddly con– ceived cocktails. The receipt may be compounded as follows: Pound almonds very fine in a mortar or bowl, first adding the orange-flower water to keep from oiling. Then add rose water and spring water and rub through a fine sieve until the almonds are dry. ROCK and RYE All of us have seen this eye-titillating array of goodies imprisoned in spiritual bliss in a large squarish bottle. How many of us have thought to assemble a bit for ourselves. It's very simple indeed. Rye.whisky, 1/5 gallon, not a full Whole cloves, l doz quart Quartered small California Jamaica rum, jigger orange, peel left on Rock candy, Yz cup, leave in large Quartered seedless lemon, peel lumps left on Stick of cinnamon, or two . 166. Jordan almonds, blanched, l lb Bitter almonds, blanched, l lb Rose-water, 2 cups Orange-Rower water, l tbsp (Yz gill or so) Spring or rain water, 2 cups

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