1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


SAXON MEAD No. II, APPROVED METHOD of BREWING, & OLDER than ELD Eggs, whites 6, beaten well Water, 12 gallons; rain or spring water best Honey,2olbs Ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, pow– dered clove, l tbsp each Rosemary, r sprig if you can find it; or 3 tbsp dried needles Yeast, l cake, worked into a cream with warm water; or 2 tbsp of brewer's Mix egg white with water, and add the honey. Boil for an hour, skimming now and then; and add our spices and herbs. When cool, add yeast, and put into cask not closed, so it may work; keeping in a warm place at even temperature. When fermentation ceases, seal the bung, and let stand six months in a cool place of even temperature. At the end of that time it should be racked off and bottled. STRONG OLD ENGLISH MEAD No. III, DATED A.D. 1736 Back in the year l J36 one E: Smith, in his Compleat Housewife– of London imprint-saw fit to list various noble dishes and potations of the time, among which was one for Mead, which appears to be among the accepted best of that time. Spring water, IO gallons Cinnamon, 4 sticks Honey, about 20 lbs Nutmegs, 3, quartered or grated; Mace, 8 blades to IO gallons or 3 tbsp, ground Whole cloves, 24 to 10 gallons Lemons, 4, sliced thin with (We should say 48) rind on Ginger root, 2 roots to IO gal- Rosemary, 2 sprigs Ions; or l Yi to 2 tbsp, ground Yeast, l modern cake spread on Cayenne pepper, Y4 ounce to IO toast, or l Yz to 2 tbsp brew- gallons er's yeast Heat spring water until nicely warm to the hand, then add enough honey to float a small Fresh! egg. Boil it gently for an hour, skimming as necessary. Then add the other ingredients-and after simmering for half an hour, discard the rosemary-turning the whole business . 168 .

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