1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


Be sure there is an open window close by, present an uncovered bottle of smelling salts intermittently beneath the patient's proboscis, and bathe his, or her, temples with eau de cologne or rubbing alcohol. Lacking this, bathe temples with a lump of ice, ice water, ice water and vinegar. In extreme cases remove the shoes from feet, and apply a very hot hot water bag thereto; watch the pulse and if it really becomes weak or gives any tendency toward flutter, do not hesitate to arouse the near– est physician. Above all, especially if hysterics are a by-product, force– fully refuse aid from any inebriate or amateur hands, no matter how willing. Bustle, hustle and hysterics are contagious; calm and good– natured sympathy works wonders. Where the patient can swallow, 30 to 40 drops of sal volatile in strong black unsweetened coffee is a vast help. TO ALLEVIATE APPARENT DEATH from Toxic Po1soNINGs, & EsPECIALLY SHOULD, in any HAPPENSTANCE, the QUALITY of the LIQUOR BE SUSPECT Happily enough, while there are a good many comparatively youth– ful distillations of American gins and whiskys.'-their production, the reputation of their manufacturer, and a rigid government ruling and inspection make adulteration at the source impossible. However, there are in rare cases certain people who do illegal adulteration to make an unholy profit at the risk of others. And in such case the symp– toms are usually sudden and violent enough to publish the emergency. In any case where a violent illness is felt, or apparent, administer an emetic at once. It is better to tax a patient-guest unnecessarily than to chance severe conclusion, and anyway, since the patient quickly re– gains a feeling of exhausted well-being no one will ever be the wiser. There are 3 species of emetics that are usually possible in any house- hold at a moment's notice: 11 1. Mustard. ... Mix 1 fairly heaping tsp with I glass of warm water, or warm milk. Drink it all. 2. Salt. ... The same, or slightly stronger mixture; also in warm water.

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