1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


3. lpecacuanha. ... This simple is an emetic, a diaphoretic, and an expec– torant. Mix from IO to 20 grains of the drug with Y4 cup of water– depending on patient's ruggedness of physique. Repeat every Yz hr until gastric evacuation is accomplished. After 3 doses stop, and call a physician. Ipecacuanha is poisonous in overdose. TO SALVAGE A GUEST from the EFFECTS of HANGING-by RoPE, not the MoRNING AFTER This is, we are happy to say, a most unlikely emergency; but we surmise, on occasion, that an amateur mixer-either through remorse at the horror of his concoctions, through self-induced intoxication and a weariness of life and life's problems, may seek to take his own life by knotting one end of a bar towel, or cocktail apron, over the nearest chandelier and noose it about his own neck. . . . In any such case we quote an ancient English routine which should kill or cure. I. Don't dawdle or joke. Hanging is no fun and must be handled quickly or not at all. 2. Cut him, or her, down. 3. Carry the patient to the nearest open space on the floor, and strip off clothing; or if still breathing, take to the bedroom for this process. Wrap him in hot blankets with hot water bottles. Apply hot water bot– tles, hot bricks, hot bags of sand, or hot glass bottles-Ah those British– ers are a hardy race!-to the armpits, to the soles of the feet, between the thighs; and especially along the spine. 4- Rub the surface of the body with hands enclosed in wool gloves, Aunt Aphasia Fittich's red flannel shorts, or dad's golf stockings.... Under no condition use alcohol, either rubbing or drinking, on the body's surface. 5· Where respiration has ceased, don't go in for all this routine but place patient face down fully clothed on the living room rug, head on one side, tongue pulled free-and proceed with drowning 1st aid, see any Boy Scout Manual. . . . Or, briefly: kneel astride patient's hips, facing his head.... Place both palms on either side of spine, over the lower ribs; then. gradually throw our weight forward on them until virtually sup– portmg the whole weight of our upper body. Release pressure at once, but release it slowly. This whole pressure and release routine should take 4 seconds. Only I person is needed to save life by this so-called Schaffer Method. It really supplies almost as much air as normal respiration.

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