1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


THE JAMAICAN BLACK STRIPE, another lliARTENER from that TROPICAL PARADISE, that MAY BE SERVED either HoT or CoLD If served cold: work 2 tsp strained honey into 1 tbsp boiling water until well dissolved. Add I jigger Jamaica rum, shake with cracked ice, pour into stemmed cocktail glass and dust with nutmeg. Fur– nished us by Emerson Low, Esq., gentleman, student, Rhodes Scholar, author and delightful dilettante, who, now that he is married and possessed of child and responsibility, is not nearly so diverting, it pains us to say. THE BAVARIAN "BRIDEGROOM'S CUP," a MEMORY from the GAY DAYs when THERE WAS TIME in which to LIVE a LIFE-& LAUGH, & LoVE, & SING, & DANCE, in MmnLE EUROPE We have a lovely friend, a girl, who married a Bavarian "von" who is our idea of what a "van" ought to be; and at their wedding in New York he introduced us to this delightful drink-which is doubly nice on a hot summer's day.... Take the biggest crystal goblet we can find, then chill it. Fill it 1/3 full of ice and turn in Yz bottle of good Rhine wine-well chilled-and 1 jigger of kirsch. Stir for a moment with a silver spoon, then garnish with a handful of crushed lightly sugared ripe strawberries-also chilled; only put them in with a spoon -3 tbsp total. Bedeck with a sprig of green mint, if in the mood. There we have it. THE BROKEN SPUR, q. CLASSIC FouND in the PERGOLA of LEON ELLIS, 2d SECRETARY of the AMERICAN LEGATION in PEKING, in the YEAR 1932, and before a BUFFET DINNER of UTTER CHARM Imagine Peking then, just before Japan had screwed up brass enough to defy Britain, and the rest of Europe's Legations, and ours too by the wayl-and had quietly occupied most ' of Imperial North China while everyone sat back like a lot of spineless ostriches with head in sand, and another lot of spineless men who violated their own sacred signatures behaved like a lot of schoolboys playing grownup around the League of Nations table at Geneva throwing dice with an unfortunate and colorado maduro gentleman named Haile Selassie,

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