1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


sugarwhite beach, talking about Gilbert & Sullivan, and about the days we used to play baseball against each other at Yale and Trinity, and then we went in to town for a quick one before all the West Indies cruise passengers had to be lightered off to the RELIANCE anchored out there, and a friendly British Lieutenant suggested this cooler, which is also a bracer. . . . Put a large lump of ice in the biggest tumbler in sight-and 16 oz size is proper. Now add l jigger Barbados rum (any dark rum will do) and the same of Bacardi, the juice of l small green lime, l tsp sugar; stir this friendly group to mix thoroughly, then fill the big glass with ginger beer, or some good ginger ale like imported Cantrell & Cochrane. Stone bottle ginger beer is best, buyable now in America. WORDS to the WISE No. V, on the MODIFICATION of JA– MAICA RUM when LADY GUESTS ARE PRESENT Never forget, please, that only 1 lady in 12 really likes the Jamaica rum taste. Therefore dilute the rum this way: 3 parts white Cuban type to 1 of Jamaica. The aroma will be there and the full round Jam;iica flavour too, but in a tempo inoffensive to the most rabid Jamaicaphobes. THE CAFE de PARIS COCKTAIL from "MONTE," a PLACE WELL-MENTIONED ALREADY in OUR PREvrous VoLUME on FooDs; SAMPLED FmsT in 1931 To I jigger dry gin allow l tsp anis or anisette, Yz the white of an egg-very fresh please-and r tsp cream. Shake well and serve in the tall style cocktail glass with a stem. Ladies like it! CASTLE HARBOUR SPECIAL, a Mro-Oc~AN CooLER from LOVELY BERMUDA We've always loved the more outlying parts of this island since our first stay there of several weeks, back in 192 8. In those days most of tpe islands in Castle Harbour were unsettled and we used to sail over there in a small boat, and swim the white and pink beaches in utter seclusion except for our companion, and the· screaming nesting sea

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