1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book

THE GENTLEMAN'S COMPANION cognac and Yi that of kiimmel, stirring for a moment in a bar glass with 3 ice cubes. Empty this into the goblet, fill with chilled dry champagne, toss in a scarlet rose petal and think of slender, pliable Russian Princesses and things! ILE de FRANCE SPECIAL, BEING CHAMPAGNE CocKTAIL No. V The bar maitre, one Reynauld, on this somewhat amazing craft has found that picker-uppers have to be even better than putter-downers the night before. Long devotion to his art has evolved this delicate appeal to the intellect, thus causing the numbed nerve centers to nod closer and closer together until they, at long last, touch-and the day is begun! Into a large champagne glass put a half teaspoon fine sugar, a half pony of good cognac, fill with very cold dry champagne, and top off with a dash or two of yellow Chartreuse. The pungent herbs greet the nostrils, then the cool quenching of the viney bubbly.... This being passed along by an Ile de France habitual crosser, and not from the usual personal imbibition, naturally arouses our suggestion that two dashes of any good bitters would help tone the inner man-orange preferred-and not injure flavour or bouquet in any manner. WORDS to the DRINKING WISE No. VI, EMPHASIZING the SPECIAL NEED for the CHILLING of GLASSES in MAKING any CHAMPAGNE COCKTAIL . One of the sharp charms of this drink is its icy coldness. The g!ass itself makes an efficient radiator, drawing much more heat agamst the liquid than the ordinary sized cocktail glasses. Therefore let's al– ways chill our glasses. Warm champagne is a foetjd thing, of brassy taste, astringent to the throat, an insult to the nostrils. Also never use tumblers for champagne cocktails, use stemmed goblets or ch~pagne cocktail glasses. The heat of the hand soon warms a tumbler s


t HAMP AGNE VELVET No. I, BEING the "MERIVELES" from the MANILA PoLo CLUB Meriveles is an extinct volcanic peak cooling its heels across Manila

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