1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


on top of the frozen product. Garnish with I green and 1 red mara– schino cherry. Delicious and pretty, both at the same time.

THE COLONIAL COOLER, which WE MET in SANDAKAN, BRIT– ISH NoRTH BoRNEo, SoME FoURTEEN YEARS BACK The water was so shoal there that the big steamer had to anchor fourteen miles out, and the two main motor lifeboats were lowered, and started towing the regular lifeboats. And after half an hour run– ning both motors conked out, and a Borneo prahu with a sail like a striped butterfly and a gent in a G-string and a headdress that looked exactly like an American overseas cap, only made out of wine col– oured velvet, was squatting right on top of the blunt, low mast sup– porting the big lateen sail, and the thing steering itsel£ Somehow we managed to convey the idea that we were not wallowing there on a glassy sea with a molten brass sun striking like a sword across our necks, because we wanted to. So he disappeared down wind and then two hours later a stuffy little British North Borneo Company tug came out and saved the day, and pretty soon we saw the raw, red cliffs back of Sandakan, and landed in a maze of godowns and Chinese "Loan Farms"-pawn shops to America-and fantan dives. We first went out to the Sandakan Club-there'd be a British Club on Mount Everest if 2 Britishers could stand the cold there!-and had these Coolers, through courtesy of an American who was sentimental enough to fetch a mint root out with him. Then our last and most vivid memory, outside of the headstones in the little cemetery listing the violent causes of death-cobra bite, blow-pipe arrows tipped with gum from the deadly ipoh tree, fever, choleq-was the 12 foot hama– dryad, or king cobra,-stuffed thank Godl-in the museum. This thi~g had a head as big as a tennis racquet and with enough coil ~o stnke there was still six feet of him off the floor-staring us coldly m the eye. To I jigger of dry gin add the same of Italian vermouth. To this base donate 1 dash each of Angostura and Amer Picon, and I tsp of orange Cura~ao. Stir with a goodly lump of ice in a small highball or . 26.

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