1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


well to get oil worked up over sides of the glass, add lots of ice lumps, and fill up with a bottle of chilled coca cola. Stir up once, and salud y pesetas! ·

THE BAKER CUBA REFOR!y1E, an ORIGINATION with the Au– THOR, which WE HAVE TRANSMITTED WARILY to OuR FRIENDVESEY RAINWATER, WHo AMOUNTS to THINGS in CocA CoLA, & which WAs PRONOUNCED Goon While not an exotic from Singapore, any drink originated after a Miami-Nassau Ocean Yacht Race that ended up with all sails blown out in a gale and lying stormbound for a week back of Cat Cay, is possessed of its own spurs in any company, we believe. Fill a big goblet with very finely cracked ice, turn in 2 jiggers of good imported sloe gin, add the juice and spiral peel of r green lime– then stir vigorously to work the rind oil about, and fill with all the coca cola the glass will hold. A mild and delicious cooler, but is sweet enough that it must be very cold indeed to be good. THE CUERNAVACA SPECIAL, from the FILES of ONE MANUEL who PRESIDES behind MAHOGANY at the HoTEL de la SILVA CASINO BAR As we have indicated, Cuernavaca is Mexico City's summer resort for people who matter, a habit begun by Cortez himself after the con– quest; and here small modern palaces rub elbows with 16th Century affairs built by the great Conquistador. Hotel de la Silva, until Presi– dent Cardenas took the reins, was an unbelievable Mexican Monte Carlo-an incredible place of moderne cello.P.hane drapes, exotic m~rals-not by Diego Rivera, praise be!-a vast pool of limpid moun– tam water outside for swimming, and roulette wheels, and every known device for acquisition of cash, inside. Manuel talks of the good old da~s now, but he has a twinkle in his eye, and originate~ this bit 1 of gemus as he expressed it-por las senoras. It is a nicer dnnk than the old favourite Pink Lady. Test it out next time. Take I jigger each of cognac and dry French vermouth and put in . 28.

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