1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


village near Santiago and the Bacardi plant, Cuba. Hence the name "Daiquiri." Like the Martini, Manhattan, Side Car and other immortals, the Daiquiri marched straight around the world, and we have tried them in many places and circumstances-including the old Plaza, the Ha– bana Yacht Club, Country Club, Hotel Nacional-between revolu– tionary bombings-Sloppy Joe's, La Florida, the Bacardi Building, and factory in Santiago; and other spots in Cuba. In spite of all the loud speeches on the subject we claim there is no "best" place for Daiquiris. The only thing that can go wrong, besides insufficient chilling, is that it is often made too sweet. Technique progressed from the days of drinking with 1 lump of ice in a tumbler, to the flute cocktail glass with the finely cracked ice left in; then came the electric vibrator mixer and the screen strainer to improve the thing further -and it became called the "Tropical" Daiquiri. Now that The Mixer is available, it frosts beautifully, in a few seconds. The original Harry Stout-Jennings Cox mixture for the Original Cuban Daiquiri was: I whisky glass level full of Carta Blanca, or Carta de Oro Bacardi rum, 2 tsp of sugar, the juice of 1Yz small green limes-strained; and very finely cracked ice. Either shake very hard with finely cracked ice and pour ice and all into a tall flute cocktail glass, or put the same things into The Mixer, and let frost into the delicious sherbet consistency we so admire nowa– days.... Never use lemon juice. And remember please, that a too– sweet Daiquiri is like a lovely lady with too much perfume. Sugar should be cut down to I tsp, to our belief, and a Manhattan glass is less likely to tip over, in steady service! ERNEST HEMINGWAY'S REVIVER on MoRNINGs after ANY– THING, MADE of HoLLANDS & other THINGS, which WE CALLED "DEATH in the GuLF STREAM," but FouND MosT VALUABLE Drinking Holland gin drinks is like the fanciful cliche about eat– ing olives-when you like one you always like them. For many years we had hated the stuff with a passion, holding its taste to be like fer- . 31 •

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