1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


doesn't blend with syrup. More carefully still flow on the Angostura bitters-at least a good Ya" thick on top of everything.... It is a sort of Pousse Cafe in appearance, but far more artistic in results, and in the island of British Dominica it is served as an appetizer, before a good dinner, by the discriminating. EAST INDIA COCKTAIL, which CAME to OuR DEVOTED ArnN– TION also in FIRPo's, in CALCUTTA It is mild and appetite-inspiring in hot weather, and is now known everywhere, but we append it just the same. Into a bar glass turn I jigger each of dry French vermouth and really good really dt·y sherry -the usual sweet American sherry just won't serve. Add 2 dashes of orange bitters, plenty of big-lump ice, then stir with a bar spoon and turn into a Manhattan glass. Garnish with green cherry or not, to preference. THE EAST INDIA HOUSE COCKTAIL, BEING ONE for ANY MAN's BooK, & GARNERED in THE RoYAL BOMBAY YACHT CLuB, INDIA, Ig32, while the-then-FIANcEE SIGHT-SAw across INDIA to DELHI, AGRA, BENARES & FATEHPUR SIKRI, & CALCUTTA Take 1Yz jiggers of cognac, 1 tsp pineapple syrup-the soda foun– tain kind-and put in a shaker. Add 2/3 tsp maraschino, 1 tsp orange Curacrao, 3 dashes of orange or Angostura bitters, according to prefer– ence. Shake with lots of fine ice and strain into a Manhattan glass, twisting a bit of lime peel on at the last. THE CLAN McGREGOR EGG NOGG, BEING a LOVELY, FoRcE– FUL THING BASED on BRANDY, BACARDI, & FINE OLD SHERRY, from SCOTLAND There are a hundred and one Egg Noggs about the world, and many of them already set between the covers of books, but this Scot– tish institution was rare enough to be the only one we include in this collection of exotica. It is a milder mix, which we consider a blessing.

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