1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


Also, having no cream, it is more refreshing and not so likely to be gastrically disastrous as the over-rich customary formulae we have consumed on certain festive occasions. This mixture needs simply to be multiplied for any company, and serve in thin 12 oz goblets, not the usual thick punch cups.... Yz pony of good cognac, 2 ponies of good Spanish dry sherry, X pony of Carta de Oro Bacardi; l tsp or so of sugar, to taste, the yolk of an egg and l cup or so of chilled milk. . . . First put egg and sugar into the bar glass and beat well, then add spirits and 4 lumps of ice. Stir or shake briskly, strain into goblet, add cold milk and dust both nutmeg and cinnamon on top. A FAREWELL to HEMINGWAY, BEING a SoRT of KIRSCH COLLINS WE INVENTED on the NIGHT WE SAW HEMINGWAY & BULL– FIGHTER SIDNEY FRANKLIN off on the PLANE for NEW YoRK, & LOYAL– IST SPAIN There is no reason to this drink. It just happened because Ernest prefers kirschwasser, and it was a muggy, half-breathless sort of night. The cherry syrup sweet, of course, can be varied to taste. . . · Take 1Yz. jiggers of kirsch, X pony of cherry syrup-again the drug store kind-and the juice of l big green lime. Shake this mixture with 4 ice cubes, turn ice and all into a collins glass of at least 14 oz capacity, drop in a spiral peel of green lime, and fill glass not quite full with good chilled club soda. . . . We've later found that raspberry syrup is very decent, also. MEXICAN "FIRING SQUAD" SPECIAL, which Is A CREATION WE ALMOST BECAME WRECKED upon in-of ALL SPoTs-LA CUCU– RACHA BAR, in MEx1co C1TY, in 1937 Now an~ again we found ourselves just a little fed up ';itb rather casual Mexican mixes, and the guidance of 2 young Mexican cabal– leros whose parents mattered in official circles in that city of Mexico. We were herded into fancy, rather dull places, served too warm cl.rinks. And finally on l occasion we broke off by ourself, sought out this bar,

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