1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


-where an aristocrat native oughtn't to be seenl-ordered things in our own way. This drink is based on tequila, top-Right distillation of the Maguey plant. Use a tall collins glass and snap fingers at the consequences. . . . Take 2 jiggers of tequila, being sure to purchase a good brand, for there are many raw distillations. Add the juice of 2 small limes, 1 Yi to 2 tsp of grenadine, or plain gomme syrup. Add 2 dashes of Angostura bitters. Chill the glass, pack with finely cracked ice, turn in the mixture and garnish with slice of orange, I of pineapple and a red cherry. THE COLOMBO "FLYING FISH" which WAS TAKEN into the FoLD on a MEMORABLE NrGHT in CEYLON, under CIRCUMSTANCES PARTLY RELEVANT to MENTION, & already FRACTIONALLY DESCRIBED in the FoREWORD to this VoLUME · Take 1 jigger of dry gin, put in 1 dash of peach bitters, Yi pony of yellow Curacrao, Yi tsp of maraschino; then shake with plenty of cracked ice and serve with proper flourish in a Manhattan glass, gar– nished with a slice of orange. We have found that when peach bitters are not too readily available that a parallel, and most delicious alterna– tive is to ignore the Curacrao and bitters idea entirely, substituting Yi pony of Cordial Medoc-a lovely French liqueur based on peach pits and other delicate Gallic interpretations. It is readily procurable at any spirits shop, and Americans should make its acquaintance-not merely stopping with benedictine and cointreau. THE SPANISH ORANGE FLOWER COOLER, or REFRESCO, CALLED FLOR de NARAN/A, SEVILLANO From lovely Seville. Oranges aren't absolutely essential, as fresh grapefruit juice will do -provided we carefully add what nature lacks in sweetening. Actu– ally it is a modern Sevillian origination along the American cocktail route, and isn't bad at that. Use a 2 oz jigger, not one of those scant . 35 .

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