1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book

THE GENTLEMAN'S COMPANION l'l'Z oz affairs which squeezes four or five extra drinks out of every bottle for our up-to-date barkeeps!

Chill glasses, dampen edge and dip in powdered sugar Put a small spiral of orange peel in each

2 jiggers dry gin 2 tsp orange flower water Sugar to taste Juice of 2 oranges

Use pretty large glasses, as the ice must do a bit of diluting for us. Fill large shaker with lots of ice; frappe vigorously. Pour out and twist a bit of peel over each to add the fragrance of flavour of the essential oils to the ensemble. THE FOURTH REGIMENT COCKTAIL, BROUGHT to OuR AMAZED ATTENTION by ONE CoMMANDER LIVESEY, in CoMMAND of ONE of His MAJESTY'S DAPPER LITTLE SLOOPS of WAR, out in BoM– BAY, A.D. 1931 This, we discovered finally, was merely a Manhattan Cocktail made in 4 oz size, spiced with l dash each of celery, Angostura and orange bitters-but why the last was included we never have understood as the Angostura dominates. Chill very cold and garnish with a twist of green lime peel squeezed so as to deposit oil upon the waters after the drink is poured. LA FRAISE d'AMOUR, another TENTATIVE ADVENTUROUS OFFER– ING from ONE of those QurnT SPOTS in the B01s de BouLoGNE, REFERRED to before, from TIME to TIME I Another spring, it was in 1926, we sat out under the trees and dined and danced and discussed matters that were old when Marie Antoi– nette rode to the guillotine in her tragic tumbril, or when du Barry passed in her royal carriage. This Fraise d'Amour, my dear friends, is ~ot a woman's drink in the usual concept of the word; hut, on occa– s10n, can be very apt to a charming lady. It is a deceiver; mild-tasting, insidious, slow to act, but thorough at the last!

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