1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


Gin, 6

Cura~ao, 3

Good cognac, 2

Orange bitters, dash

Mix with lots of ice, shake vigorously and serve in a Manhattan glass. A twist of yellow orange peel is optional, to add oil.

GIN & QUININE WATER, or "Gm & ToNic"-ORIGINATED to COMBAT FEVERS, REAL or ALLEGED, & which LATER BECAME an EsTAB– LISHED DRINK in INDIA & the TROPICAL BRITISH EAST, & STILL LATER BECAME AccEPTED over HERE by AMERICAN HosTs WHO WANTED to IMPRESS FoLK with HAVING CoMBED the ORIENT This is merely a gin highball, using dry or old·:fom gin-either I or r Yz jiggers-and filled up with chilled quinine tonic water. All Americans, and some Britishers not so hidebound as to insist on brassy, half.warm drinks, added 2 lumps of ice, an_d a t~ist of lime peel. We like the latter style better, but must warn all those who em– brace this drink to remember it is a medicine and not primarily a stimulant only. On more than one occasion we have temporarily showed aberration on this subject, with the result that our ears rang unmercifully and next day we felt like Rameses II, reclzauffe. We suggest from 2 to 4 drinks of gin and tonic as being plenty for any one sitting. GIN FIZZES, to the NuMBER or ELEVEN, which SHALL BE REMEM– BERED LoNG after THEIR SPONSORS ARE DEAD & GONE, & WHOSE GENIUS WE RANK alongside that of the INVENTORS of the MINT JULEP, & other TRULY IMMORTAL DISCOVERIES FIRST of ALL the AZIZ SPECIAL, BEING the IMPECCABLE GIN Fizz of Aziz EFFENDI, MoNITOR of the ONE & ONL y WINTER PALACE HoTEL, which Is in LoucQsoR, in EGYPT, up the NILE FouR HuNDRED EIGHTEEN ENGLISH MILES by RAIL, & FOUR HUNDRED FIFTY by DAHABEAH Those of us who have journeyed up the East Bank of the Nile by

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