1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


found a welcome there during the 10 or l doz times we have been in the "Zone" going west to east or vice versa. . . . Actually this Bird of Paradise Fizz is Aziz' Special to which 2 to 3 tsp of raspberry syrup have been added instead of the sugar, and juice of l Yz limes instead of the lemon. Float on a red rose petal, or any scarlet small tropical blossom, like bougainvillea, as a final garnish. Shake hard and long. THE CREOLE FIZZ, BEING a LATIER DAY HoT WEATHER & MILDER VARIATION of the ORIGINAL NEw ORLEANS SILVER Frzz, & EMPLOYING SLOE GIN to LEND !Ts SHY BLUSH to the CoLoUR ScHEME Lyle Saxon gave us this one away back in 1930 during a visit to New York, telling us about his acquisition of the old French Creole house on Royal Street.... Take either the Aziz Special or New Or– leans Fizz and substitute an equal amount of good imported sloe gin, and cutting cream down a trifle. Garnish wi~ a sprig of fresh green mint and that's all. THE GIN FIZZ TROPICAL, BEING ONE MoRE SoUND BrT of LIQUID NouRISHMENT from where, to OUR RouTINE MIND, EXIsTs the BEST & MosT CONSISTENT GROUP of MIXED DRINKS-& MIXED DRINKS MIXERS-Oil EARTH: MANILA, p .I. This again is an affair based on the New Orleans Fizz background but using pineapple syrup up to 3 tsp instead of sugar, and juice from 1 Yz green limes instead of lemon. Jim Steele introduced us to this one-he's Tourist Association head for the Islands-on our trip to the Pagsanjan-pronounced "pack-san-han"-River for the dugout canoe trip down the rapids through a stupendous wild mill-race flung through a rocky gorge of towering walls hung with weird tropical growths, peopled with gibbering monkeys and vivid unnameable birds; a feat for which we now possess a fine illuminated parchment diploma. Thermos carafes, ice cubes, hampers of civilized fodder both liquid and solid, made odd contrast to all of this primeval setting, to the native boatmen-2 to a canoe. Fresh green mint is the garnish, a few tender leaves, recently broken off and stuck in a round and fra-

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