1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


THE AMER PICON "POUFFLE" FIZZ, SOMETHINGNATIVE ORIGI– NALLY to PARJs, & E COUNTERED at the CAFEdu DoME, where in SPITE of the AMERICAN INUNDATION of PsEuDo-BoHEMIANS Is STILL a MoDERATELY CoNSISTE T RENDEzvous for other AMERICANS over THERE Wtto Do THI ·cs with THEm BRAINS & H ANDS Simply turn I to r Yz jiggers of Amer Picon into a shaker, add lots of cracked ice, the white of r fresh egg, Yz jigger of grenadine, shake, then turn everything into a big thin goblet and fill up with club soda to suit taste. This is a fine stomachic, and inspires interest in foods. THE ORIGINAL GIN FIZZ which WAS Lo G a SECRET of the BROTHERS RAMos, and which W AS GrVEN out by THEM, in a Frr of GENEROUS ABERRATION during Oun ALLEGED & RrnrcULous DnouTH of the PROHIBITION ERA The Ramos Fizz has long been synonymous with the finest in all the New Orleans art. Thinking that the formula, like any history deal– ing with the dead arts, should be engraved on the ~ablets of history, it was given to the world after the now rejuvenated Ramos bar closed for the "dry" era. The main secret of excellence was the platoon of 8 or I doz blackamoors who passed the shaker over shoulders to the next, after each had literally shaken his heart out chilling the drink. . . . Iced glasses, and iced soda, also were vital factors of excellence. To I jigger of old Tom gin add 1 tsp sugar, 3 to 4 drops of orange Bower water, white of r fresh egg, 2 tbsp cream, and the juice-– strained-of Yz lime and Yz lemon. The shaker is first iced with a tumbler of finely cracked ice, then ingredients go in, then the shake-which when done by hand should last at least r full minute. Serve strained in a thin goblet and top off with chilled club soda of best grade, to taste. . . . Here again we earnestly recommend The Mixer, only using about Y4 goblet of fine ice. This Mixer reduces ice to powder, changes consistency of main drink to a sherbet; then the soda, added and stirred, reduces this first frozen consistency to a creamy, slick, chill loveliness. We always use this method to save overheat from physical exertion. It changes the

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