1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


dred men and women suddenly getting up and sprinting for the quad– rangle of verandahs before the torrential rains put 4" of water where they were sitting 5 minutes before! But the Raffles drink is best, why we don't know, except that the best Planter's Punch on earth is at the Myrtlebank in Kingston. When our soft-footed Malay boy brings the 4th Sling and finds us peering over the window sill at the cobra– handling snake charmers tootling their confounded flutes below he murmurs "jaga baik-baik Tuan"-"jaga bye-bye, too-wan," as it sounds in English-or "take care master" as it means in English. The Singapore Gin Sling is a delicious, slow-acting, insidious thing. The original formula is r/3 each of dry gin, cherry brandy and Benedictine; shake it for a moment, or stir it in a bar glass, with 2 fairly large lumps of ice to chill. Turn into a small ro oz highball glass with one lump of ice left in and fill up to individual taste with chilled club soda. Garnish with the spiral peel of r green lime. In other ports in the Orient drinkers often use C & C ginger ale instead of soda, or even stone bottle ginger beer. Our own final improved formula calls for 2 parts dry or Tom gin, to r part cherry brandy and r part Benedictine. This is dryer, not too sweet. We also use a trifle more ice in the glass than the Raffies tech– nique. One lump melts too quickly where we live among the coconut palms! THE SAHARA GLOWING HEART COCKTAIL, from the HANDS of one ABDULLAH an ARAB MusLIM WIZARD back of MAHOGANY at the MENA HousE BAR, near the PYRAMIDS of GHIZEH, which ARE JusT Soura of CAmo, EGYPT Watch this one when out under the moon i~ a desert overnight camp, riding camels out across the vast dunes, or strolling in the moonlight around the Sphinx with some congenial -young woman companion. Full many a mere man has gone and committed him– self for life under that desert moon afteF a brace of Glowing Hearts, as we have seen with these failing and rheumy eyes. The effect on us was that, along with another American ne'er-do-well, we untethered

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