1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


lemon juice, l tsp of very fresh egg white, l dash of orange bitters. Shake with lots of ice and turn into a chilled Manhattan glass. . . . No. II: substitute kirschwasser for apricot brandy, omit orange bit– ters-using l dash of peach bitters if available, or l tsp Cordial Medoc. The domestic Bridge Table cocktail, the 3-to-One, both copy this Grande Bretagne, but the apricot brandy content is too heavy, and no mention is ever made that unless fine dry apricot brandy is used, the result is sweet, abortive, disillusioning in the extreme. . . . It is amaz– ing, though, how such a small amount of apricot or kirsch comes zipping through to lend bouquet to this brisk drink. This amazing jumping-off town for emeralds, oil and gold in Colombian hinterlands, has already been described; how the ancient Spanish town rubs elbows with the most modern American practice. We have fond recollections of one charming hos~ess in Barranquilla who served us whole shrimps boiled in deep olive oil, bits of popcorn tossed in garlic butter, little fritters of plantano, and many strange tropical, chilled, fruits-mangoes, carissas, mangosteens, Surinam cherries, rose apples, mawmees, heaven only knows what else with long Latin names! . . . The Green Jade is a crisp thing, too, fine for hot weather like the Grande Bretagne, the Gimlet.... l jigger of dry gin, Yz jigger of green creme de menthe, Yz jigger cream and l tsp or so of egg white. Shake with ice, strain into a saucer champagne glass, and garnish with l green cherry and a sprig of fresh mint. Serve with a green straw affixed with same techniq6e as in the Cuer– navaca Special already listed. THE BARRANQUILLA GREEN JADE, from a STAY in CoLOMBIA in the YEAR 1933, and again in 1934 THE HALLELUJAH COCKTAIL, a PALATE-TWISTER from the lsTHMUS of PANAMA This was originated by our good friend Max Bilgray, of Colon, Panama, somewhere around 1929, and dedicated to Aimee Semple

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