1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


adventurous enough to be curious that the French Sttrete closed its doors upon those precious things of the long evening gowns, the slave bracelets about wrist and ankle; the pendant earrings; rouge, jeweled slipper and tiny fans.... It is a strange drink, and for all we know it may have its purposes and its moments. Take a sherry glass and build up as follows: creme de cacao, parfait amour, the yolk of l egg care– fully unbroken, and finally kiimmel dare-all chilled beforehand. Use about I poo.y each of the liqueurs, or slightly less. THE MANILA "HOOP PUNCH," another MASTERPIECE from the HANDS of "MoNK" ANTRIM'S No. I CHINO, FmsT DISCOVERED in 1931 Take 1 pony each of cognac and orange Cura~ao, add 2 ponies of port wine, donate 1 tsp of lemon or lime juice. Fill a goblet with finely cracked ice, turn in the mix, stir and serve with short straws-gar– nished to suit taste.... This can also be made not quite so sweet by changing the strained lime juice up to Yz pony and cutting down the Cura~ao to Yi pony. Of all the retinue of drinks listed in this volume, it is certain that Hot Helpers really will be of most grateful use to readers. For when a man is wet and chilled through, blue with cold and long exposure in such voluntary tortures as November duck blinds, the wheel of an ocean-going sailing craft in a winter chance, or in anr chilly and de– pleted situation, a Hot Helper will in 5 short minutes recall him from being a sorry and useless thing into restoration as a warm-hearted homebody, kind to dogs, children, wives and even landlords-as we can surely attest! Out of the endless blends in glass and silver bowl we have listed these as the best and unusual from all over the civilized world. AND NOW SEVENTEEN or so "HoT HELPERS" CALCULATED to KEEP CHILL SWAMP MisTs at BAY, BANISH the MEGRIMS & WARM Bony, HEART & SouL into a FINE & AMIABLE DISPOSITION

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