1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


WORDS to the LIQUID WISE No. VIII, on the SPECIES of ALE for MULLING In all receipts calling for heated, mulled, or otherwise spiced ale, again we recommend English Bass, or any English Musty Ale, most heartily in preference to our present list of domestic products, and in spite of the cost made necessary by our ridiculously high tariff duties on products which we never have made here, and probably couldn't make as well if we did try. ONE, now, BASED on APPLEJACK-which Is AMERICA'S TERM for APPLE BRANDY, & CALLED the JERSEY LIGHTHOUSE It is rather unfortunate that our prohibition era through its raw applejack and Jersey Lightning, managed comple~ely to deflect Ameri– can taste against this fine spirit. Decently aged-in-wood applejack is a fine thing, just as French Calvados-a super.fine apple brandy from Normandy and the orchards of Ausse and Bessin-is a lovely stuff, as fine in its way as any cognac, especially the.brand marketed in the fl.ask bearing an apple, on a leafy branch in bas relie£ We met the Jersey Lighthouse sitting in the back room of a small New Jersey inn one horrid winter night, with William Faulkner, Tony Sarg's puppet maker Bil Baird, and Eric-Midget Magellans and Blow the Man Down-Devine, our sailing mate on MARMION. . . . Into a tumbler place 2 lumps of sugar, a dash or 2 of Angostura.• 3 or 4 cloves, a spiral of lemon peel. Onto this pour 2 jiggers of ancient applejack, fill with boiling water, float on I tbsp applejack at the last and serve blazing merrily. Those of us who read Bill Faulkner's Light in August renamed the drink Light in February. A HOT HELPER FOUNDED upon BEER from DENMARK & CALLED the CoPENHAGEN-PRoNOUNCED as NEAR as WE CAN Do IT ' "KERN-HABEN"-BEER TODDY It is a fine one to use after winter sports, in an Alpine ski-camp, any– where like that. Take I average bottle of good Danish or Bavarian dark beer, beat I to 2 egg yolks well with I tbsp of brown sugar; and after heating beer in a saucepan put beaten eggs into the mug, turn . 53 .

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