1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


in the hot beer, stirring diligently the while. A dusting of nutmeg is optional.

FOUR HOT ONES BASED on BRANDY, or BRANDY-RUM BLEND– INGs, the FmsT of which Is the APRICOT, or PEACH, FLAMBE This is a delicious and totally different touch from all the others, from the usual hot drink. Take 3 dried apricots or 2 dried peaches– plumped in hot water beforehand; put in a silver cup and add 2 tsp of brown sugar. Pour Yz jigger of cognac, heated, onto this foundation and set alight, blowing out when sugar starts to melt well. Now turn in I jigger or so of cognac, stir well, and add very hot water to taste. A pinch of powdered clove, or 3 or 4 whole cloves, form optional touches. THE SO-CALLED "ENGLISH BISHOP"-CoNsIDERED by the AUTHOR to be ONE of the MosT ATTRACTIVE HoT CuPs ever INVENTED for the Arn & CoMFORT of CIVILIZED MAN, DISCOVERED in the SUMMER of 1932 in BoxMooR, HERTFORDSHIRE Take an orange, stud it thickly all over with whole cloves, dip it in cognac and dust with brown sugar. Now brown well until sugar caramels, either spitted upon a skewer or stick before the fire or un– der the broiler. Cut it into quarters; now take a saucepan or other vessel, turn in 1 qt of red port wine, simmer tightly covered for 20 minutes, add 2 jiggers of cognac just before pouring. Can be served fiambe with a little brandy floated on top. CAFE DIABLE, which Is neither ALToGETHE~ BRANDY nor ALTO– GETHER COFFEE, nor MERELY AHoT DRINK-but a MELLOWED & DRA– MATIC INSTITUTION from the CREOLE DELTA CAPITAL of NEw ORLEANS This is always an impressive bit of business when dining with a Handsome young lady, chez nous and a deux. Be sure to turn out all the lights before trying it, however, or the effect will be spoiled. The successful brewing of a Cafe Diable somehow instills a bit of admira-

. 54.

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