1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


Line cups with spirals of orange peel, first dipping them in rum to moisten. Dust sugar on peel, then cloves the same. Put a jigger of rum in each cup, put cups on hot stove, and after a moment set aflame. Let burn until edges of peel start to brown and sugar to caramel. Blow out. Take off stove, add other jigger of rum, fill up with hot water, give a brief stir and serve-either with or without a lump of butter on top the size of a hazelnut. . . . This sounds complicated, but the whole thing takes only a couple of minutes. Cups and rum must be heated or when set alight the moisture in the peel will come out and smother the flame.... The Horse Collar thus has four delicious aromatic scents and savours: first the rum itself, then the nut-like per– fume of burned oil of orange, then the bro}'l'n sugar, slightly cara– meled by the flame, then the toasted spice. THE OXFORD UNIVERSITY HOT RUM PUNCH, a CLAss1c that Is SIMPLE & SooTHING & SATISFACTORY, and DATING back into the DrM, DISTANT PAsT Take 1 Yz bottles of Barbados, or lighter Jamaica, or 1 bottle of Demerara 160 proof; add 1 bottle of cognac, 3 quarts of boiling water, 2 cups of lemon juice. Add brown sugar, to taste, and a handful of whole cloves. Put a spiral of yellow lemon peel in each cup, and there it is. Most excellent for anyone coming down with anything, due to the lemon juice. EXPLODED OLD ALEWIVES' TALE No. I, BEING a WARN– ING against OVER-INTRODUCTION of CITRIC JUICES into HOT ALCOHOLIC DRINKS No matter what dear old Aunt Fl~rina-May Fittich may grumble about how she used to cure Grandpops c~ld with hot lemon juice and spirits, let's lend at least Yz an ear to certam master rum drinkers who claim-probably with justice-that alcohol and sugar and lemon juice, under heat, work toward an acid condition of the gastric ma– chinery most conducive to spleen and vapours. It is just a thought anyway, and we really don't expect anyone to heed the warning after all.

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