1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


HAROLD PETER'S HOT BUTTERED RUM Anyone who has sailed with Pete-whether around the world on PILGRIM, to EUROPE on the schooner LLOYD BERRY, or south to Florida from Cape Cod on some ship like our own MARMION, as we did, remembers his magnificent tattooed masterpieces, haunch, paunch, back and chest, and his Hot Buttered Rums at the end of a cold, wet, Fall chance. Our first introduction to them was running from Woods Hole to New York, one late October day, with the wind whipping up a dry nor'easter, and our new main trys'l pushing us along close to nine knots. Into each average sized glass put a teaspoon of brown sugar, a twist of lemon peel, a teaspoon lemon juice, four to six whole cloves, and a spoon. Take a "futt" dish and heat water on the galley stove-and in case we don't remember Pete's definition of that time-honoured bit of New England addenda, a futt dish is the fl.at tin handleless sort of pan we see on top of bullet heating stoves down east, to keep the air humid. Actually any pot does as well. To each glass donate two ponies of Barbado~, or any stout rum– two full ounces-add boiling water to taste, stir, and with the spoon which has kept the glass from cracking, slide in one teaspoon of butter on top. Drink as butter becomes wholly melted.... When getting really fancy for Harbour Furl Company, Pete may fl.oat a spoon of rum on top, and set aflame, but not for anyone less than a full Com– modore! WORDS to the LIQUID WISE No. IX, on the EXCELLENCE of ALLSPICE in HOT RUM DRINKS '.f o vary the usual clove and nutmeg add half ,a teaspoon of all– spice to the next hot toddy. The result is quite aromatically happy. RETURNING to our RETINUE of COLD DRINKS again WE PRESENT the JAMAICA BucK, BEING a SHANGHAI BucK-already Nonn ___:.only UsING JAMAICA, or other DARK R,uM instead of BACARDI, & ADDING HALF a LIME for FLAvouR We found this years ago in Kingston, on a jaunt through the West . 60 .

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