1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


draped Blue Grass Country spring. Men have been shot at for heap– ing fruit juices, slices of citrus, and maraschino cherries on a Julep completed. Families have faced divorcement about the slight-appear- ing concern of red-stemmed mint. • A gentleman who discards the slightly bruised mint from his drink views another who permits the bruised leaves to remain in glass as one who did not have quite the proper forbearance on the distaff side. . . . And so tell they the tale- Getting right down to cases, there is no more need for argument of violent nature along such lines than there is that a flashing-eyed Span– ish girl is any less useful in life than a lovely honey-haired Scandi– navian, than a titian English maid, or a jet-haired and urgent daughter of the Killarney Country. On this matter of Juleps we can boast to a thorough Julep research, without pride or prejudice, for we have put in some years of mighty clinical home-work on the matter! We've sipped Juleps on a shaded upper gallery brewed by a genuine Colonel, from Versailles, Kentucky. We've tried Juleps in Charleston, Cape Cod, Toronto, Kelly's in Panama City, and the Royal Hawaiian in Honolulu; we've sipped other Juleps in Nassau, Cumberland Island, Georgia, Seattle, Los Angeles, and that little Overseas Club– or whatever the right name is-that sits up on stilts by the pier-end in Zamboanga; we've tried-of all places-a Julep in Sandakan, British North Borneo.... We've buried this inquisitive proboscis in green, spicy-cool mint foliage under king coconut trees, looking out over the coffee and cacao plantations of central Guatemala, in shadow of the Shwe Dagon Pagoda in Rangoon, Burma, on the start of the road to Mandalay-which last is hundreds of miles inland and aiJllountainous table-land without flying fish, and China isn't across the bay either. ~ut the best Julep of all, up to date-an' Ah mean that Suhl-was mixed by Monk Antrim's Number One Chino boy at the Manila Hotel, Luzon, P.I., and A.D. 192 6.... Just good bourbon-yes, Manila never was dried up by our experiment and much of the finest bour– bon found its way out there-really tender, fresh, red-stemmed mint; . 62.

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