1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


flavour. Bruise one between the teeth, then really chew it up-to find out. 6. Don't expect to get a whacking good Julep out of six months old "bourbon" or "rye." We can't. 7. Don't use coarse ice, use finely cracked ice-very fine. 8. Don't over-garnish with sliced orange and random fruits. With Juleps, and in fact any drink of delicate quality in its own right, don't add any– thing with a different strong scent-and orange, lemon, and certain other fruits have a very potent aroma. . . . The aroma of a bourbon Julep should be bourbon and mint-not bourbon, mint, and a fruit store.... Garnish simply, then, without trying to gild the lily. A Julep is more than a mere chilled liquid; it is a tradition which is to be respected. The mint itself is a delight to eye, just as we admire parsley against a fine red snapper, or permit feminine associates the use of red nail polish, or grace a mother's table with Bowers. So let the Julep feast the eye and nostril properly-not supply unending, edible diversions from the main theme. We don't need to eat all the trimmings, after all-but we always do! ... That is why ripe pineapple is so beneficial-and eaten after the Julep is gone, the marinated fruit is delicious.


Sugar, Yz tbsp; water 2 tbsp Fresh mint, tender sprigs, 6 Ripe pineapple, 2 sticks or fingers Good old bourbon, 2Yz jiggers; or rye

Fresh mint, I bunch Cherries, 4, scarlet Demerara or Barbados rum, I or 2 tsp, to smell Finely crushed ice

Ice glasses, and without wasting any time do the following: toss in sugar, then water, then the 6 mint tips. M~ddle slightly, being sure that the volatile oils are smeared all over inside of glass. Discard this slightly bruised mint entirely.. .. Pack glass with ice, pour on bour– b?n~and do not stir, letting wise nature take its course. · · . Then distribute rum slowly in drops. Cut.mint stems off quite short up to the leaves, and make glass look like a green bouquet, with two pine– apple sticks peeping out on opposite sides, and the hot red of the

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