1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


cherries nestling in the mint. . . . Serve with two very short straws, but let stand until thoroughly frosted before handling, and always escort it with a small napkin, to handle the melting frost on outside of glass. Omit the rum if a Marylander or Kentuckian is present. MINT JULEP No. II, with BoURBoN or RYE This is another variation, and also good.... Simply proceed just as in the Monk Antrim version, only leave the slightly bruised mint in the glass. Half fill with ice, and add a few more sprigs of slightly bruised mint. Fill with ice, and finish exactly as above, only omit the touch of rum. . . . Handle bourbon and rye exactly alike. MINT JULEP No. III This would be the same as No. II, only use the tenderest sprigs of mint and don't bruise at all-leaving the herb to be its own delicate prophet. . . . Having tried all ways we find this has least mint aroma of all, and as mint saturating the whole affair is so gratifying to our personal preference, No. III does not include when we are at work. MINT JULEP No. IV, from SANTIAGO de CuBA, EMPLOYING, NATU– RALLY, BACARDI This is not the usual Julep, and we don't want any sleep lost over the idea. A Cuban gentleman of parts got it up, likes it still, gave us four and we liked all of them. . . It isn't a Julep as we know it, but after all who are we?

Carta de Oro Bacardi, 2Yz jiggers Pineapple juice, fresh if possible, 2 tbsp

Lime, juice, I fairly large Grenadine, 2 tsp Fresh mint and o-arnish b

Using a fourteen ounce tall glass or goblet, bruise six sprigs of tender fresh mint very lightly, rubbing over inside glass. Pack full of very finely crushed ice. Pour on lemon juice, pineapple juice then Bacardi,

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