1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


and finally the grenadine. Do not stir.. . . Garnish with bunch of fresh mint cut off close up to leaves just before putting in, and add pineapple stick, slice orange, and what not, to taste. . . . Let frost before serving. LAMARR PEACH BRANDY MINT JULEP No. V Down Macon way there are more and better peaches than probably any other spot on this testy globe of ours, and one family named La– marr-of whom we know one of the daughters-seems to part own three whole counties or something, and has probably gazed on larger numbers of acres in peaches than any young lady of our acquaintance. In fact she claimed to have an uncle who was written up in Fortune because he developed a machine for taking the fuzz from peaches-a fact the late Mr. Mack, of Moran & Mack, would have been pleased to know. . . . It is therefore we give credit to a Southern lady who told us about this Georgia jolliEer and all good men take note. 'Struth and 'tis no drink for weaklings! Put sugar in large silver or glass Julep glass, and add just enough water to make it an oily syrup. When smoothly dissolved break off a couple of the tenderest mint sprigs, and muddle very, very slightly– leaving them there in aromatic harmony. Take six other sprigs and gently crush up and about, that no spot may be overlooked of that glass's inside. ' Fill with very finely cracked ice, pack down slightly, and pour in the blended brandies. Garnish with sprigs of mint, and on the straw drinking side, insert a single stick of sliced ripe peach. . . . Do not stir.' That prime liquor will percolate through the ice to the very bot– tom without any trouble. Just sit by quietly and watch the whole lovely process of frosting.... Then, and then only, drink! . 66. Cognac, r'li jiggers Bar sugar, r tsp r doz or so sprigs of fresh mint Georgia peach brandy, r jigger Long thin slice ripe peach Spring, or well, or rain, water

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