1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


PEACH THUNDERBOLT, BEING No. VI, a LoNG-HoARDED JuLEP TREASURE from OLD-TIME GEORGIA This Thunderbolt business is no quip about the effect, but simply the name of the place just south of Savannah, where we first stumbled onto this nectar of the gods, this eye.filling, mild, pleasant debauch of three senses. Carta de Oro Bacardi, 3 jiggers- Sun-ripe, fresh Georgia peach, r yes, we said 3! Lime, juice, Yi large; I average Fresh mint, dozen sprigs Sugar, I tsp Take a large goblet and pack it half full with finely shaved ice, put in half the sugar, a trifle of water, and six tender mint heads. Muddle gently for a moment, rubbing mint all over interior of goblet. The flavour thus penetrates better. In the center put in a peeled and stoned peach, cut in halves and stood on edges. Mix rum, lime and rest of sugar. Pack glass full and pour in liquids.... Garnish well with the remaining mint sprigs, and serve with two short straws so the nose can browse in it. . . . Don't make the mistake of garnishing with a lot of other fruit, or using cherries. It is the ripe peach which is picked up by the rum. . . . We have, however, discovered that a teaspoon or two of good peach brandy floated on before frosting, helps amplify the basic flavour of the unit. PENDENNIS CLUB MINT JULEP, BEING No. VII, & SEVERELY UNGARNISHED Martin Cuneo has for many years manufactured his own concep– tion of a proper mint Julep to members of Louisville's famous Pen– dennis Club-mentioned elsewhere in this volume. There are several minor variations in the gentle art of Juleping, and his is enough off the usual track for inscription here-as he does not bruise mint, even slightly. Take a sixteen ounce silver Julep cup, or the same in glass. Into the bottom put a lump of sugar and dissolve it in a little spring or well water. Choose the tenderest mint sprigs and toss in three-arranging

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