1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


palate. Either dilute Jamaica with white rum like Bacardi, or some medium rum like Barbados. Don't forget that Demerara can be as high as 160 proof! WORDS to the LIQUID WISE No. X, on the ABBREVIATION of MINT JULEP STRAWS The final garnish of emerald mint is not merely to look at. If we must have, or prefer, straws-make them short straws. Just a couple of inches peeping out is correct. Thus the olfactory proboscis must be buried in the fragrant herbage, something not the case with the crude long affuirs through which certain folk drink ice cream sodas. THE KINGSTON CRUSTA., BEING a PARALLEL THOUGHT to the MARTINIQUE CRUSTA, on PAGE 74, only from JAMAICA Hardy Jamaican planters turn this same Martinique drink into something vastly different by the startling addition of ~ tsp of Ja– maica Ginger, or the equivalent of Hell-Fire Bitters, see Page 153· . . . Still hardier Jamaicans even wind this business up further by dusting some cayenne pepper on top. KIRSCH au CAFE-or the FAMOUS BLACK & WHITE CocKTAIL This revivilier was found in the home of a Cairene resident before going out on the Nile of a moonlight night, and on h~s dahabeah-a luxurious and incredible sailing craft originated and maintained in his case, for no good purpose.... Take kirschwasser and black very strong coffee, l pony each. To this add Yz pony of good cognac, the white of l small egg. Shake hard with cracked ice and serve in a tall flute cocktail glass with a stem. Allah, il Allah! THE KNICKERBOCKER "PUNCH," a MEMORY of the GooD DAYs of 1915 How many of us remember the Maxfield Parrish Old King Cole when it formerly hung-not at the St. Regis at all-in the old Hotel Knickerbocker bar on the southeast corner of Broadway at ,µd Street? . . . It smiled benignly down upon all sorts and conditions of men,

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