1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


over a free lunch buffet too rich to be credible-and which saved more than l hungry college boy in the days when the Dolly Sisters, the Castles, Gaby des Lys, Bert Williams and Hazel Dawn were stars be– hind the footlights, on the dance floor; when the late Pauline Fred– erick was so starkly beautiful in Joseph and his Brethren; when deli– ciously tiny Emma Trentini was imported by our round the world cruising fellow-passenger Rudolph Friml to sing in his operettas; when the old Rectors, Delmonico and Louis Martin weren't just names out of the rosy past. In our college freshman-and financially always debted-days we recall the good old Knickerbocker and the snacks there; and here is one of their specials.... Into a goblet strain the juice of Yz a lemon or l small lime, add Yz tsp of sugar, a fat jigger of St. Croix or other medium dark rum, l pony of water and 2 dashes of orange bitters. Ice with lots of finely cracked ice, stir to chill, deco– rate with fresh fruit galore, then finally float on l pony of still red Burgundy. A sprig of mint and short straws are in order also. Clymer Brooke and 2 or 3 other Yale men set off from New London to circle the globe in their 65 foot schooner CHANCE, and Brooke liked it so well in Tahiti he jumped ship and got himself a vanilla plantation on the loveliest island possible: Moorea, across the bay. We met him the day out of Yoko, our ship first bound for Honolulu, when he was headed back to Long Island to marry him a bride, and being "in vanilla" as we might say, through having a South Sea plantation of that orchid vine, the drink was typical. Peerless Theo– dore, mentioned so often in Volume I, had it specially mixed for us in the SS RESOLUTE Grill. Just why it was called Lalla Rookh is something neither Brooke n~r l~gi~. could explain.... Take 1 jigg~r of good cognac and mix with Yz J~gger of brown rum and Yz pony of vanilla extract. Now add l tbsp thick cream. Chill well in a shaker with cracked ice, strain into a flute cocktail glass. Vanilla may be cut down or added to, to taste. . 70. THE LALLA ROOKH COCKTAIL, a RECEIPT GIVEN Us on a TRIP HoME from YoKoHAMA in 1931, by CLYMER BROOKE

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