1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book

THE EXOTIC DRINKING BOOK Some people admire Yz tsp of sugar or gomme. It makes an insidious drink that ladies prefer, often to their eventual risk, joy, and sorrow. THE MANILA "LEAP FROG" COCKTAIL, another MEMORY of the CRlsP DAYS & CooL NIGHTS up in BAGUIO, back in the fooRoTE CouNTRY of LuzoN Take r pony of Bacardi, the same of dry apricot brandy, add the strained juice of r small lime or ~ lemon, colour with r tsp of grenadine. Shake with lots of cracked ice and strain into a saucer type champagne glass.... After home fabrication of this fine drink we have found very de.finitely that the original Manila formula may be improved by using r Yz ponies of Bacardi and Yz pony of apricot, everything else remaining the same. We must not forget that apricot is an insistent and penetrating flavour. We only need a small amount to point up a single cocktail-never r pony! Gold Seal Bacardi is best, again; the white lacks flavour. THE BACARDI "LEA VE IT to ME," from the BAR BooK of an INFANTRY MAJOR STATIONED at FoRT WILLIAM McKINLEY, near MANILA Fill the shaker Yz way with cracked ice, then put in I jigger of Carta de Oro Bacardi, r tsp maraschino, the juice of I small green lime, r tsp raspberry syrup. Turn into a saucer champagne glass with 3 or 4 small bits of ice, and hit with a spot of chilled club soda. A pretty, flavourful and refreshing cocktail. MONK ANTRIM'S LINTIK COCKTAIL, which REALLY lsN'T any SPECIES of CocKTAIL at ALL, but a SonT of LIQUID TRIPLE THREAT ORIGINATED for REASONS STRICTLY DISHONOURABLE, but ELECTRIFYING; & in ADDITION a BRlEF SoRT of BIOGRAPHY of the GENTLEMAN HIMSELF We appear to refer to Monk fairly often in this volume, and there is a reason besides his being a careful, almost clinical, student of potable liquids. He happens to be one of the most interesting chaps who ever hit the Islands. When we first knew him Monk lived vividly, to say the least. He had a drink memo book, contents of which had been . 71 .

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