1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


religiously donated by a series of gentlemen who, at the time of our first trip to the Islands, were either in various sanatoria for alcoholic treatment, had been invalided back to the states as incurable dipso– maniacs, or were dead from probably spirituous causes. A few years back a chap named Walter E. Antrim showed up from somewhere down in the South Seas, came to the Manila Hotel and got him a job as dishwasher-so sing they, speak they, tell they, the tale-it being Uncle Sam's largest and finest hostelry, and the pride of the Philippines, naturally. So, as the old silent movies used to say, time passed, but didn't pass Monk by. When we got there first in 1926, he greeted our Cruise Staff at the end of a mile or so of new concrete pier, and we met him then -the Manager of the Manila Hotel. Now Monk knew how to live life in his own way, and he lived it: high, wide, and handsome, making friends as he went along. Monk would roll you, flip you, cut cards with you, for anything from a steam yacht to a thousand dollars gold and never turn a hair.... The last we heard he had espoused himself to a handsome titian-haired crea– ture, and vanished from Manila. Why or where?-we just don't know.... Anyway we have Monk's letter before us dated March 4th, 1927, passing along several Manila liquids, and calling attention especially to the Lintik Cocktail. Quote: "· .. the Lintik is the smoothest drink which I've run into lately.... Lintik, as you may know, being Tagalog for 'Lightning' (Tagalog being the language of a tribe of that name down in eastern Mindanao, the big island below Manila). "The main drawback to this concoction is that it must be aged for two ;-reeks, then chilled in an ice bucket without ever coming in contact with ice. · · · But the final result is well worth that little bother... · Will be seeing you next trip out, and we'll test a few in my laboratory, with Wong to do the mixing!" ,

Good dry gin, 3 bottles Water,2Yz cups

Lemons, juice 15; peel IO Angostura, 2 full tbsp

Sugar, lY4 lbs

. 72.

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