1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


Strain lemon juice carefully through 2 cloths. Boil sugar and water for 2 minutes, strain and cool. Add gin and bitters. Bottle, placing the peel of 2 lemons in each bottle. Store in a cool spot, not too cold, to age. Serve chilled and under no condition add any ice. This will make around 4 to 5 bottles of Lintik Cocktails. ALFRED BARTON'S SURF CLUB MANGAREVA COCKTAIL If there is an exotic spot on our whole Atlantic Seaboard it is the Miami Beach Surf Club, and Alfred Barton is its guiding genius. His gala nights, incredible affairs, make Hollywood fetes look like modest Quaker meetings. He imports whole circuses, ferris wheels, elephants, clowns and God alone knows what else if he wants a circus; a mid– way, sideshows, appropriate murals. This Mangareva is Barton's chef d'oeuvre, along with his staff brain trust, when recently seeking a really unusual drink. Honey has long been a French admiration in certain intimate drinks. Calvados-or Normandy apple brandy-and honey would be best, but if not possible rn;e the corresponding apple– jack and honey available in the open market. First the container: this being a coconut shell sawed off at the top to a 2Yz" opening, and the kernel taken out. Clean up the outside with sandpaper or steel wool. Mount this in a ring of fresh pineapple and garnish with galax leaves, and serve with brightly coloured cello– phane straws.... Now the mix: turn r part triple sec, 2 parts strained lime or lemon juice, and 5 parts apple and honey into a bar glass. Mix well and allow 3 oz to each coconut shell. Now fill with finely cracked ice, stir once, close the opening with Pineapple Paradise, et voila! Even the cleverest guests cannot guess its formula; furthermore it speaks softly but packs a Big Stick. WORDS to the LIQUID WISE No. XI, on the EXCELLENCE & DIVERSION of PACKING a COCKTAIL GLASS with SHAVED ICE, ADDING HALF a TEASPOON of STRAINED LIME JUICE, then FILLING with OUR FAVOURITE LIQUEUR Just try this some day when the taste flags, when ideas run dry or bar shelf is bare of the usual high proof spirits. . . . Try it with

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