1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


juice, strained. Shake and strain into a tall flute cocktail glass with a stem. . . . Personally we have come to omit all grenadine. The port gives it all the sweetness needed, also pretty colour. WIL P. TAYLOR'S HOTEL NACIONAL SPECIAL, which, along with the TROPICAL DAIQUIRI & the SANTIAGO de CUBA MINT JuLEP Is ONE of the THREE FINEST BACARDI DRINKS KNoWN to ScraNcE Who, who knows his Havana, does not know, or has not heard of, Wil Taylor. We met him back in 1931 when in charge of World Cruise Publicity for Hamburg-American Line, and got into Havana one time in 1933 just after they had mighty near blasted a marvellous hotel off the map, to get at those Machado-phile officers hiding there. And Taylor kept right on managing just as if it had been old times! . . . But that time with pineapples sounding off all night along the Prado, we elected to stick to the old downtown Plaza, what with wife and child, but that did not prevent our remembering with great pleas– ure Taylor's own Bacardi concoction: ... It is "mighty lak" a Mary Pickford, but still not, as the latter omits her limes. Shake with cracked ice, strain, serve in a tall cocktail glass with a stem. . . . We indicate Gold Label Bacardi for the simple reason that Carta Blanca is so delicate in flavour it barely comes through any rich drink. THE OKOLEHAO COCKTAIL, KNOWN out in the IsLANDS as the "OKE" Having made three visits to these enchanted i~les, both during and after prohibition, we have seen, smelled and tasted some pretty strange beverages out yonder. Actually okolehao i's a spirit made from acer– tain root, fermented and distilled. During her very strict prohibition administered by a lady who apparently got as much joy out of life as a newt or an eft-see Webster-Hawaii's "oke" was made from fer- Carta de Oro Bacardi, l jigger Lime, juice Yi Fresh pineapple juice, l jigger Dry apricot brandy, l tsp

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