1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


sweetness of the sweet oranges. It will only take a few trials to learn what suits personal taste-and here's to you lucky Floridians. No one sells sour oranges, they give them away, for not one person in a thou– sand thinks they are worth picking off trees. Old Tom gin, r part; (Dry gin will do) Sour orange juice, r part Sweet orange juice, 2 parts Shake quickly and hard with lots of ice, pour through strainer, and twist a small piece of sour or sweet orange peel over each glass to get the oil of orange aroma and flavour. PAN AMERICAN CLIPPER, from the NOTEBOOK of ONE of OuR PILoT FRIENDS WHo-when OFF DuTY-MAY SEEK ONE Applejack, r jigger; Calvados apple brandy is better still Absinthe, r dash Lime, juice, r scant pony Grenadine, I tsp Shake with cracked ice and serve in Manhattan glass. PANCHO VILLA COCKTAIL, another CLASSIC from the PHILIP– PINES that WE ABsoRBED in 1926, for the FmsT TIME The late Filipino gentleman of this name was probably the greatest man for his inches that ever drew on a pair of fighting gloves. In Manila he is still a national hero, his monument is impressive, and when Monk Antrim's Chino Number One whipped this one up in his honour, it proved more than good enough for us to insert here.

Carta de Oro Bacardi, 1 pony Dry apricot brandy, 1 pony Pineapple juice, r tsp

Dry gin, 1 pony Ch~rry brandy, I tsp Stuffed olive

This is a sweet one and must be very cold. Fill shaker with fine ice and pour into a big champagne glass. It is one of the very few cocktails calling for several conflicting ingredients that is worth its own weight in bicarbonate of soda.

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