1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


THE PENANG COOLER, a NEw TROPICAL Exonc WE FmsT MET in PENANG, PRINCE of WALES IsLAND, F.M.S., FoLLOWING a Sw1M in the MILK-WARM WATERS of the STRAITS of MALACCA After a swim at the Aquatic Club, we came back to town and ran into this, unexpectedly proposed by a semi-Chino barkeep at the Eastern and Occidental Hotel. The mint gives it coolness, bite, and character. Dry gin, 1 jigger Fresh pineapple juice, 2 jiggers Green creme de menthe, I pony Shake with shaved ice and serve with it in a tall cocktail glass with stem. A flat glass was used out there, and ice was strained out-but the more modern technique is best, using ruf electric mixer and leaving ice m. THE PENDENNIS CLUB'S FAMOUS SPECIAL To 1 jigger of dry gin add Yz jigger of the best dry apricot brandy procurable. Squeeze in the juice of 1 lime or Yz a small lemon, strained of course, and trim with 2 dashes of Peychaud's bitters which has been made for generations in New Orleans.... Split a ripe kumquat, now available during the winter in most big grocery or fruit stores; take out the seeds and put the 2 halves in a Manhattan glass. Stir the drink like a Martini with lots of cracked ice and strain onto the golden fruit. This is a sweeter Grande Bretagne, see Page 47. TWENTY and SEVEN PICKER-UPPERS for the NINETEENTH HoLE, which CAN not only ENABLE Us to GREET the NEw DAY UN– DISMAYED but MAy-on OccASION-SA VE a LIFE There are times in every man's life when, through one reason or both, a man feels precisely like Death warmed up. In such sorry plight there is but one thing to do if we do not wish to sit and suffer through a whole day waiting for the cool hand of normalcy to stroke our dry and fevered brow-a Picker-Upper. . 81 .

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