1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


FIRST on the LIST MARCHES CHAMPAGNE, although IT HAs already BEEN DEALT with SYMPATHETICALLY under CHAMPAGNE CocK– TAILS, PAGE 21, et sequitur A plain chilled pint of champagne per person with two or three simple biscuits is probably the finest picker-upper known to civilized man. The champagne must be very cold, and can either have bitters, a little added brandy, or both. The Maharajah's Burra-Peg, and the Imperial Cossack Crusta, are the most magnificent examples of this we have ever known. Champagne in this role is somewhat more expensive than any of the other remedies collected, but when we think back there is stark realization that the time comes to every man when relative expense means little; and rather than risk a "turn" frqm sight of raw egg, or taste of sweet ingredients, the refreshing, chill tartness of the bubbly is a dispensation straight from heaven. ABSINTHE FRAPPE and ABSINTHE DRIP These two picker-uppers are already given on Page 8, et sequitur. ABSINTHE PHOSPHATE There is no doubt about this one working. . . . Simply put two dashes of lemon phosphate in a bar glass, add a jigger absinthe and a pony of Italian vermouth. Stir for a moment and pour into a claret glass .filled with finely cracked or shaved ice. Vermouth can easily be cut down slightly to taste. BARRANQUILLA PICK-ME-UP Barranquilla, as has already been pointed out, is the residential cen– ter of near-coast Colombia for many of those Americans who do things in oil and emeralds. And here, we found, a man can need a picker-upper just as well as anywhere else. Cognac, 3 jiggers Angostura, 2 dashes Dubonnet, 2 jiggers Egg, whiter Shake well with cracked ice and serve in a tall glass with stem.

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