1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


CAROLINA PLANTATION BRACER After dancing the night through, or possibly a gentleman's game of draw poker-nothing wild-until the wee sma' hours, our tide-water blade knifing his way about the selvages of Charleston's society was wise in his pick-me-ups. This suggestion from Bill Heyward, school– mate of years back, given between boats one winter afternoon is some– thing to note, lest we forget. Cognac, 1Yz jiggers Egg, I Port, 1Yz jiggers Gomme syrup, 1 tsp; optional Jamaica or Barbados rum, Y4 tsp Shake with cracked ice until busily frothing, and pour into a tall cocktail glass with stern. . . . Other neat flavour touches can double for the Jamaica: Cura<;:ao, Cointreau, Cordial Medoc, Drambuie, Bene– dictine, Chartreuse, Grand Marnier.

PARISIAN "GOOD-MORNING" Absinthe, 1 jigger

Yellow chartreuse, Yz tsp

French vermouth, Yz tsp

Lime or lemon, strained juice, 1,

or Yz Anis or anisette, 1 tsp

Bar sugar or gomme syrup, I tsp

Frappe with cracked ice, strain into old fashioned glass, add small bit of ice, and a little soda or seltzer, stir and pote.

HARVARD CLUB PICK-ME:UP 1 This, as Frederick A. R. Thompson, the th~n Managing Editor of THE COMMONWEAL informs us is the brain-child of former ' British naval officer now, for this reason or that, Head Factotum be- hind mahogany in the New York Harvard Club. The request is to serve them three ounces at a time, and as cold as may be with chilled glasses.... Three of these have been known to change a blue, murky,

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